This week, we had our 16.0 release of Yoast SEO! To celebrate, I wrote a post in which I described 16 reasons why to love Yoast SEO. While writing that post, I told Thijs de Valk about what I was writing. Thijs misunderstood and thought I was writing a post on 16 reasons why to love ‘Joost’ instead of ‘Yoast’. For those who are not aware- Joost and Yoast are pronounced in exactly the same way. And that leads to many misunderstandings, every day.

After I cleared up the misunderstanding, Thijs challenged me to write the 16 reasons to love Joost- post too. I never run away from a challenge, especially if the challenge is so incredibly easy. So here it is: 16 reasons why I love Joost de Valk.

1. He makes me laugh

Joost is not a real comedian. It’s not like he’s cracking jokes the entire time. But he makes me smile every day. We laugh together and have so much fun together. We know each other really well, I only need one look to know what he’s thinking.

2. He sets the alarm clock every morning

I never set my alarm clock. Joost does that for me. He wakes me up every morning at the time I want to be woken up. Joost usually gets up a little before I get up. He prepares my breakfast.

3. He’s a great father

Joost and I have four children together aged 6 to 14. Joost has been home at least one day a week ever since our children were small. Now that our children are a bit older and all go to school, he’s home two afternoons a week. Joost is an assistant soccer coach. He helps with school projects and he’ll supervise school trips. He’s so very much involved. 

4. He brings me my diet coke

I am rather lazy. Joost brings me my diet coke (I am addicted, I know, it’s awful). He brings it to me at the office, he brings it to me during the evening when I am just watching TV.

5. He’s pretty brilliant

I don’t know anybody who’s as smart as my husband. He really is amazingly intelligent. His brains are just amazing. This also means that he wins every board game we ever play. That’s pretty brilliant, but also pretty annoying.

6. He always replies to my messages

Middle of the night. In a meeting. Doesn’t matter what time, doesn’t matter what he’s doing: he’ll always reply to my messages. That doesn’t mean that he’ll reply to every message, he just replies to my messages!

7. He’ll pick me up…. Anywhere…

When I am stuck at a train station. Or when I missed my bus. Even when I am just too lazy to cycle home. He’ll pick me up anywhere. And he won’t complain about it. Ever.

8. He always has my back

If someone is mean to me. Or if I am upset with something or someone: Joost is always on my side. Doesn’t matter whether I am right or wrong: he’s just always on my side. He always has my back.

9. It’s more fun when he’s there

Everything I do is more fun when he’s present. I feel safe and loved when he’s around. It’s just more fun. I enjoy myself more if he’s around.

10. We can talk about everything

Politics, art, history, children, gossip, television… it doesn’t matter what I want to talk about. Joost listens and has an opinion. 

11. He’s so well informed… about… everything

Joost reads a lot. He reads newspapers and magazines, knows everything about politics and history. Joost makes sure to keep me informed too. Talking to my husband is just the most efficient way to stay on top of current affairs and of everything that’s going on in the WordPress-world.

12. He can step aside… every now and then 🙂

I can’t deny that my husband likes being in the spotlight. And, he’s really ambitious as well. But, he will step aside for me. He’s not afraid to let me shine and to step into the shadow every now and then.

13. His energy is limitless

Joost is always working. He’ll think of a new project before he finishes the last one. It’s hard to get him to stop working. His ideas are often brilliant and he enjoys working so much…There’s just no limit to his energy.

14. He cooks dinner

I don’t cook dinner that often. Usually, he takes care of it. He cooks, or he orders. He shops too. I eat. 

15. It’s never boring

Joost has three new ideas every day. He starts a new hobby, thinks of a new Yoast SEO feature, or comes up with a project for our home. It’s sometimes almost impossible to keep up with him. He is inspiring and sometimes he’s exhausting, but most of all… it’s never boring.

16. He loves me because of me

I am not a girly-girl. I am tall and not that skinny. And I am limitless in my ambitions. I want to be successful, I want to work full-time, I want to have an amazing career. I always hoped to find someone to love me despite those things. But Joost actually loves me because of those things. He loves me for who I am. He allows me and encourages me to be exactly the way I am. 

Thank you, Joost

It’s not that often that I really think of the reasons why I love my husband. I just love him. Thinking about the reasons why made me really thankful for our wonderful life together. So, thank you, Joost… for our life. You’ve made my life amazing! I love you so much: I have 16 reasons why :-).

And thank you, Thijs. For challenging me to write this post :-).

Published by Marieke van de Rakt

Marieke is partner at Emilia Capital. She is an investor, an entrepeneur at heart and a marketeer. She has a PhD in social sciences and is the mother of four kids. Next to that, she's a feminist, a ballerina and a diet coke addict.

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  1. Really love this post! Just found it. Lovely people. No wonder I like this company and their products.
    We’ll be sticking with you on the SEO ride because we love your values but also great we get top notch advice, support and products.
    Thanks so much.

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